Kimberley Causey-Gomez
Commissioner Designee


Michal Rhymer-Browne

Assistant Commissioner - St. Thomas


Carla Benjamin

Assistant Commissioner - St. Croix

U.S. Virgin Islands

Department of Human Services

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Day Care Listings

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Child Care and Regulatory Services

VI CCDF State Plan 2018- 2021

VI CCDF State Plan 2018-2021(Click Here)


Rules and Regulations for Child Care Facilities

The revised ruled and regulations for Child Care facilities can be accessed by the following link:

Revised Rules and Regulations for Child Care Facilities


OCCRS Subsidy Policy Rules and Regulations

OCCRS Subsidy Policy Rules and Regulations


Policy Memoranda 2019

Policy Memorandum OCCRS 102-FY-2019

Policy Memorandum OCCRS 103-FY-2019

Policy Memorandum OCCRS 104-FY-2019

Policy Memorandum OCCRS 105-FY-2019

Policy Memorandum OCCRS 106-FY-2019


VI OCCRS State Median Income Guidelines

VI OCCRS State Median Income Guidelines 2019


CCDF Sliding Scale and Co-Pay Guidance

CCDF Sliding Scale and Co-Pay Guidance


Parent Child Care Subsidy Award Form

Parent Child Care Subsidy Award


USVI Criminal Background Check for Child Care Providers

USVI Criminal Background Check for Child Care Providers


Market Rate Survey Report

Market Rate Survey Report 2018

Early Learning Guidelines

Virgin Islands Early Learning Guidelines


Early Childhood Best Practices




Public Review of Community Services Block Grant

The Department of Human Services hereby informs the Virgin Islands Community of its intent to submit a state plan to the United States Department of Health & Human Services of the Community Services Block Grant American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Copies of the plan and its intended use of funds for fiscal year 2009 through 2010 will be available to the public for inspection and comment through July 6th, at the Human Services Office of the Commissioner Knud Hansen and Golden Rock locations, and the Public and University Libraries on St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix.






Child Care Complaint Policy 2019

Policy Memorandum OCCRS 101-FY-2019


About CCRS

This office combines the Child Care Fund Program, which provides subsidies for child care, and the Office of Regulatory Services, that license and ensures quality control of child care facilities and group homes.

As a key prevention program within the territory, the Child Care Development Fund program is one of the most important within the DHS for addressing working parents’ growing need for quality child care. The Child Care Fund is a federal program which provides child care subsidies to lower income working parents for infant, preschool, and for before- and after-school care, for children up to age 12. It also provides support for quality improvement in the private child care sector. The program supports both licensed facilities and informal providers who have been selected by parents and approved by DHS. Though a major force in ensuring quality child care within the private and public sector, this Office quietly goes about its work of:

In addition to satisfying the precise federal requirements that govern it, the impact this program is having and will continue to have on preventing abuse and/or neglect, is immense. By keeping children of working parents in safe, stimulating and healthy environments, this program offers protection from unsupervised access to inappropriate and violent material on TV and computer networks, child predators, and other criminals, which represent only a few of the ills that have permeated the fabric of our community.